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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Cooler than me?

Being a teenager is tough especially when we're supposed to act and look a certain way.
There's always that one person who is 'cooler' than you, because they're maybe more popular and more likeable than you.
Virtually every high school across the world has something called the 'Social Hierarchy', which makes most teenagers feel like rubbish when compared to their peers.
When I left to go to University I thought it would be different but I was wrong.
I realised that the 'Social Hierarchy' scale was still there only this time people weren't so bothered about it, it's like they turned around and said:
 'Ok yeah so I'm not super popular or liked by everyone in my classes but I don't care because I'm happy with who I am and there's nothing anyone can do or say that is going to change that!'
And I loved this attitude!
I was the type of girl who was never super popular in school, I mean I had a great circle of friends who I was very grateful for but I certainly wasn't loved by everyone in my year!
But who is?!?
If I'm honested things haven't changed much at University either - I still have a great circle of friends although its somewhat smaller than at school but I'm still grateful to have them.
It made me realise that you are always going to meet people in life who maybe don't like you or they think they are 'better' than you in someway.
That's just life!
'Social Hierarchy' is always going to be there but if everyone stopped caring about what their peers thought of them then it would be gone as quick a lightening.
I know it sounds easier said then done!
I just want people to stop feeling bad for being who they are- you should never be made to feel ashamed of who you are by anyone!
Being different to everyone else is great!
If we we're all the same then life would be boring.
(Even my fashion work is different)
I'll put it like this:
So we have lots of Soap Opera's here in the UK such as Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders - they are all relatively similar but they all have different storylines, different characters and are aimed at different audiences.
What I'm saying is that they are all different and individual to one another like we are to our peers.
But it's good to have all this variety because then there's something for everyone!
Like a box of Quality Street- you wouldn't won't to open the lid to find a box of just the purple ones that's why we love variety.
Do you see what I mean?
So let's all stop worrying about showing the world and our peers who we really are,
You shouldn't be ashamed to be the real you!
Because you will always be someone's favourite.
"Start smiling and show the world your happy with who you are"
I hope you all enjoyed this post today, I'd love to hear what you thought in the comments below.
I'll see you all later on in the week for my '2015 Favourites'.
Love you all and take care.


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