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Sunday, 13 December 2015

November Favourites- From Cosmo to Topshop to Cute Festive Hats...

Ok so I'm aware that this post took a long time coming but sometimes 'the best things in life are worthwhile waiting around for'...
Not that I'm saying my blog is one of the 'best things in life' but I do really love writing and my blog is the perfect avenue for me to express that- I hope you guys enjoy my blog.
So today's post...
Can you believe November has been and gone already?
I most certainly can't but the end of yet another month means...
'It's favourites time!'  
 I've been loving a lot this last month (as you can see above) although some of the 'favourites' featured are from December too.
Favourite Number 1:
 Magazines: Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Heat & Glamour
I adore reading full stop but there is just something about reading magazines that makes me feel really happy and chilled.
I go through months where I don't really read any magazines but that definitely hasn't been the case this last month.
I've particularly been loving 'Cosmo' (What girl doesn't?!?) and Elle.
They're even better when accompanied with a nice cuppa and a slice of cake! 
Favourite Number 2:
 Face masks (These are from Superdrug)
I think I've featured these in another post recently but I thought why not show you guys just how much I love them by featuring them again.
I got these from my Mum in a cute advent calendar she does for me every year leading up to Christmas...
Can you believe Christmas is less then two weeks away?
I'm particularly looking forward to trying the 'Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask'-
Have any of you guys tried this one before?
Favourite Number 3:
 Simple Kind to Skin, Illuminating Radiance Cream
I only just started using this a couple of days ago but I just loved it too much to wait to tell you guys about it. This is a very good face moisturiser! It basically does what it says on the packaging- it has little tiny bits of glitter in it that really brighten up your face- even at 6am!
In my opinion if a product can make you look good at 6 in the morning then it's definitely a keeper in my makeup bag!
Favourite Number 4:
 Topshop Lip Bullet in the shade 'Get Me Bodied'
This is a beautiful lipstick- I highly recommend that if any of you haven't tried this before then you should give it a go.
I just love it so much!
The shade 'Get Me Bodied' is a gorgeous plum colour so it's a perfect alternative to the classic red lipstick. I was a little worried when I brought it because I hadn't heard that much about it and it was £8 which I thought was a little pricy if I didn't like it. But after trying it I would pay double the price for a lipstick of this quality- the colour lasts so long!
I do find it a little drying on my lips but that is the only negative I've found so far.
Favourite Number 5:
W7 'In the Night' Eyeshadow Palette
Firstly for all these different shades it only cost £5 which I think is an absolute bargain!
I think there is just such as wide range of colours in this set- there is bound to be a shade to suit everyone!
I haven't tried all of the colours yet but I look forward to experimenting over the holiday season.
I'm thinking the purple shades might be a great alternative to the classic black smokey eye-
What do you think?
Favourite Number 6:
 Film Clip Board
As soon as I saw this in Tiger Stores, I just knew had to have it.
I think it's so adorable- I love cute props for your room!
I'm thinking this will be very handy when blogging or even vlogging....
Not that I quite have the courage to do that yet.
Favourite Number 7:
 Primark Festive Hats
I love wearing hats as I feel that I suit a hat...
And when would I ever pass an opportunity to be festive?!?
I brought the Christmas Pudding one first for £3 and I brought the Elf one a bit later on for £4- I love them both equally though!
I think might love the Elf one ever so slightly more though,
 I mean it has bells on it- What's not to love?
Favourite's Number 8 & 9:
Fur Coats & Instagram
I chose this 'selfie' (sorry for the embarrassing picture) for two reasons, one because I love the fur coat that I'm wearing in it and secondly because I posted this particular photo on Instagram recently. I love winter for two reasons, one because of Christmas (Who doesn't?!?) and second because I get to wear a fur coat which are just so snuggly and stylish (at the same time!!!). I've recently been really getting into 'Instagram', I just love taking photos and posting them. I'm not the best photographer in the world but with the very helpful filters every photo looks some what professional.
What are your thoughts on Instagram?
So that's all I've been loving this past month...
I'd love to hear what you liked about this post and what you've been loving in November in the comments below.
I can't believe it's December already and it's almost half way through!
It's crazy how fast this year is going...
But I'm extremely excited for Christmas!!!!
I honestly swear the older I get, the more exited I become- please tell me I'm not alone here!
Have a great week guys!
And I'll see you next Sunday for more....


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