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Saturday, 19 December 2015

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! (Well Almost)

Who's excited for Christmas?
I know I am...
I just love everything about Christmas,
it's that time of year again where everyone just seems so much happier.
That or they're just looking forward to having some time off.
Snowbells ring are you listening?!?
So your probably wondering why am I doing this post today on a Saturday?
Well I knew that I wouldn't be able publish it tomorrow because I'm going out with my family for the day so I didn't want to not do one for this week.
anyway ....
 I'm sure most of you are on Christmas break right now just like me,
I LOVE the holidays- I've felt like I've needed one since the start of the semester.
So what have you guys got planned for the holidays?
I'm just mainly planning on having a bit of downtime really, so you'll probably find me relaxing at home with family and friends.
My friends want us to go out clubbing a couple of times too- but well being social awkward it's not really my scene. I mean I love the idea of clubbing but...
Is it just me or do hot, crowded places full of people I don't really know, not sound like fun to me?
I'm probably on my own in saying that but I do feel that now I'm 18 there's so much more pressure to go out, get drunk, have a boyfriend.
Friends who I never expect to go wild at university have and I'm left feeling like I'm kind of watching it all happen from the side line.
They've become more confident then I'd ever be- go out all the time and I'm just like, well I don't really know what I'm like really?!?
But I do know that I just don't really feel ready for all of this?!?
I've always wanted to be 18 but now I am, I can't help but wish I wasn't...
Am I alone in saying this?
Have any of you guys ever felt like this?
Especially as it's 'Party Season' I can't help but feel like this pressure won't be going away for a while yet...
If any of you are regular clubbing goers and have any advice then I'd love to hear it.
Big or small it would be very much appreciated.
I'm just the sort of girl who loves to sit down in front of the TV to rewatch programmes and films I've seen times, I love the spend time with my family and write this blog, but what I'm not is the sort of girl who loves to get drunk, to out all the time and date about 50 guys.
 I don't really think really think a guy would be interested in me anyway....
So I feel like this post has got a bit depressing but it has been good to get it off my chest-
I guess I was just hoping you guys reading this would be able to give me some advice.
Although High School Musical is a kids movie, something Gabriella said in the 3rd one has really stuck with me: 'I just wish everything would stop or at least slow down'
This sums up how I'm feeling right now down to a tee.
So that's the end of today's post-
I hope you've enjoyed reading it and if you can relate to anything I've spoke then I'd love to know in the comments.
Any advice would be very appreciated.
I don't know if I'm going to do anther post before Christmas but if not then I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas spent with the ones you love. I hope you all get everything you wanted and wished for.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
And a Happy Holidays to any of my American readers.
Take care and I'll see you all soon.


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