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Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Turning T W E N T Y or the big 2 0...

For a while I kinda wanted to refuse admit to turning Twenty this year because I was nervous to leave my teens. I know most people don't agree with this but for me turning 18 didn't seem like a big event, fair enough my parents & friends made it a great day. Although at 18 you're classed as an adult I still didn't feel like one so I was happy to still be a teenager. Turning 20 was a different story, it kinda hit me how fast I was growing up and whilst I'm excited for the future, at times I'm still not sure I'm ready pay bills, work 9-5 (if you're lucky) & be in charge of your own life. It feels like the future's coming quick & fast, I kinda wish it would slow down. 

Still I had a great 20th birthday, I got lovely gifts from family & friends and enjoyed stuffing my face with yummy food all day. What more could a girl want? 
On my actually birthday I had a quiet day which was nice to relax/ chill and spend time with Willow. I went out into town on the day after with friends because as you've probably guessed already Uni has taught me the love of clubbing. 

Turning 20 though has made me realise a few things that I'd wished I'd know entering my teens:

1. Quality over quantity. 
Apply this to every aspect of your lives but especially friends and your wardrobe, growing up I felt the pressure to have loads of friends but on my birthday it dawned on me that it's the close few friends that really make an impact on your life. 

2. Makeup isn't a necessity. 
It's kinda weird you'd think I'd be wearing more makeup now I'm older but actually it's the opposite. Certainly in early teens I wore a lot of makeup because I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin so I felt it helped me to accept myself more. But over the last year I have really grown to accept myself as I am more than I ever thought I would. I just feel happy in myself, confidence really is the best makeup you can wear. 

3. Your will find your own style (eventually).
You'd think that doing a fashion based course I'd have been a very fashionable teenager (lol no), I actually cringe at the thought of some of the things I wore growing up because they certainly didn't suit or flatter me. Still I'm sat here today finally happy with my style. 

4. Be a kid whilst you can. 
There is that saying that adults say to a lot of children growing up "don't wish your life away", aged 13/14 I saw those years as irrelevant because they just seemed so pointless, I wanted to get to 16, 18 or 20 because then I could do whatever I wanted. In reality I wish looking back that I'd just enjoyed being a kid for longer- you grow up so quickly, enjoy it!

5. I can still class myself as Twenteen.
Okay so I maybe be 20 but I not ready to say goodbye to my teens just yet so I think I'll hang onto them for a lil longer. 

Turning 20 honestly doesn't really feel any different to being 19. I feel a lot more comfortable in myself entering my twenties then I ever did entering my teens so I'm glad of that. 
Blog wise my twenties are gonna be the years I make it happen. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post.
I'll see you all very soon, take care.


Pictures are all my own. 

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