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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Are Lip Oils Really Worth The Hype?

Slightly different post today because I felt the need to review something that I have been LOVING this past week.
Lip oils...

Okay so now I'm going to sound a bit, no very stupid because up until September 1st I didn't actually know what a lip oil was or why you needed to use one.
I had a few minutes to spare whilst food shopping so like any girl would I headed over to Boots to look at all the makeup I so desperately want but probably don't need. 

And I came across this...


I'm going to be honest I didn't like the look of this product because it reminds of a lipgloss I had when I was about 11... I just didn't like the tube or the lettering on the front.
But I thought I'll see what it smells & feels like anyway because there was one already open to test. 
It has a pleasant scent of coconut coming through but with the camellia they just work so well together like peanut butter & chocolate!
I'm not a lover of anything coconut but weirdly I do find the smell of it very relaxing and calming.

Based on the scent alone I brought it... To be honest I wasn't expecting much because my lips are quite stubborn when it comes to finding products that actually work on them. 

I used this the first night I had it, just before I turned my light out I applied this all over my lips & then I drifted off to sleep.... Because in the words of Zoe Sugg 'Naps fix everything' and in this case they really do!
(Lets just take a second to appreciate her fabulous Zoella Lifestyle collection- isn't it  just beaut?)

Back to lip oils...

When I woke up the following morning my lips felt so smooth and nourished- the best they felt in years! The formula of this lip oil wasn't at all sticky and it just seemed to soak into my dry lips. 
I've been using this ever since! 

I really recommend you all check out this lip oil because it's AMAZING, and for the price it is, it's a total bargain- I've included the link further up in this post so if you want you can check it out for yourself- Barry M also do a Cherry scented, tinted one. 
You certainly won't be disappointed- well hopefully not anyway....

What are your thoughts on lip oils?

I hope you enjoyed this post, there won't be a post on Saturday because I doing the #fblchat hosting over @fashbeautylife on twitter 3-4pm. Be sure to join in on my chat all about 'Confidence, Blogging & YouTube'.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week & weekend. I'll be back on Monday.

Take Care 



  1. Loved your post! I'm with you on that, I felt stupid thinking why we needed lip oils, but after this post I think I'll be investing in one soon. Hopefully they'll at least temporarily cure my dry lips :/ x

    1. Aww thank you! And lip oils are the way to go- a good investment! My lips are feeling great so far! x


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