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Sunday, 10 April 2016

INTERVIEW TIME- Find Out What It's Really Like To Be A Blogger & YouTuber.

Today I have something I'm very excited and passion about to share with all you lovely people...
As some of you may or may not know, one of my great ambitions in life is to work for a magazine. So a couple of weeks ago I managed to get the fabulous opportunity to interview the lovely Sarah Murgatroyd for a magazine competition. 
I'd never done anything like this before but it was an absolute pleasure to interview a fellow Blogger and YouTuber to find out what it's really like!
Sarah if your reading this I would again like to give you a massive, heart felt thank you for letting me interview you. 
Sarah is an amazing Blogger and YouTuber so I strongly recommend you check her blog and YouTuber links below:

In this modern age, Blogging and YouTube are seen as a common occurrence, YouTube is no longer a field in which no one dares to enter. Top vloggers have laid out the path to a fresh, new, exciting career- one where no previous experience or qualifications are required, all you need is an idea, a laptop and you can run away with yourself. Today I caught up with the lovely Sarah Murgatroyd, a blogger and vlogger, who despite her busy lifestyle still manages to greet me with a warm and welcoming hello, from the off it is easy to see just why people choose to follow these down to earth people over traditional celebrities.

Sarah begins by explaining just how hectic her day and life in general is, having a full time job and a house renovation project alongside her two YouTube channels and blog is no doubt hard work. Yet Sarah admits she wouldn’t have it any other way, laughing she speaks she honesty replies ‘Where else would I get my inspiration from?’. Still in shock from her busy schedule, I ask her how she manages to fit everything in, ‘Well I normally film at the weekend, it takes the whole day to plan, set up, do lighting checks, film and edit before pressing the upload button”. It is here she tells me that she is even uploading a video to her channel as we speak. It is clear a YouTuber’s work is never finished. Sarah goes on to tell me that she feels she expresses herself differently on camera to on her blog, “I just feel that my daily vlogging channel is more random as it’s less structured, but the viewers like it when it’s more personal, well I hope they do anyway!”. She says, smiling as she replies. 

I go on to ask her what she focuses more of her precious free time on, “YouTube takes up more of my time as I need to plan ahead more whereas I only tend to blog when I feel like it, with blogging I have to capture what I want to say right away before it’s forgotten because I could never recreate a post in the same way twice”. Clearly Sarah is inspired by things rather than people, “I don’t think I’m influenced by anyone in particular other than the internet”. Social media and the internet are a massively influential factor for both Bloggers and YouTubers, likewise it is with the rest of the world, Sarah promptly replies “The internet drives us to do nearly anything, the opportunities are endless and YouTube is a big part of that”. It is apparent that big time YouTubers are not only inspiring the young generation but they are their role models too, “a dangerous place is turned into something much more positive which pushes people to be more confident in themselves”. I ask Sarah what it is exactly that she loves about YouTube, “I think it’s the interaction with people I would never normally meet, on YouTube I feel I can express my opinions like an open book with like minded people- it’s a community of people coming together”. 

But like everything surely YouTube has a dark side? 
“YouTube can be a hateful place, luckily I don’t experience a lot of this, personally I feel Blogging is more of a positive place because you’re not being so open to your audience as you’re not talking directly to the camera”. Clearly to become a successful YouTuber and Blogger you have to have a lot of character about you? “Yes you do, you need to be entertaining to watch. No one wants to watch someone try to be someone else, you need to be your own person” Being ‘yourself’ online is easier said then done, it is only natural for us to want our online persona to be ‘likable’.

As the conversation moves on, I bravely ask Sarah if she feels blogging could be the future of magazines, “Yes and no, I think people nowadays want more diversity in viewpoints but I feel magazines could work with bloggers to give vary content”. Put wisely “The future’s going to be a long process of working together”.

Looking to the future Sarah reveals that she would like her ‘hobby’ to become a full time job, “What can I say I just love it! I want to be able to reach and inspire people all over the world, sharing my passions and hearing other peoples makes me feel so happy”. I asked Sarah is there anything she like to see changed about YouTube, “Only that I would love to make YouTube a society where people can share their passions without being judged and made to feel upset”. 

I am surprised by how kind and honest her answer is, maybe the days are gone where people pull other people down in a bid to push themselves up in the success ladder.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post today- I'd love to hear what you thought in the comments below.
I'd love to interview more Bloggers and YouTubers so if your interested then leave a comment below and we'll try & organise something.

Before I finish this post I would just like to say sorry for my recent blogging hibernation- it will be getting back to normal in the upcoming weeks. You'll just have to be patient with me.

To make up for my lack of posts lately I've decided that there'll be two posts going up today- so the next one will be going up in a couple of hours or so.
So see you again later!


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