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Sunday, 11 October 2015

About LippieTalk....

Hello there...

So I'm guessing you've just stumbled across my blog and are wondering what 'LippieTalk' is all about? Am I right?
Well let me tell you how LippieTalk started...
As a teenage girl in this modern yet fast pace world I often look for inspiration for what I wear and how to do my makeup in magazines (as well as online) however is it just me or is there not many magazines aimed at teenage girls between the ages of 16-20? I tend to find that magazines are either aimed at teenagers younger than me or it's aimed at women... So the whole point of  'LippieTalk' is to allow for you guys and me to have a place to find inspiration for fashion and beauty especially when we're at that age of finding out who we are too...
'LippieTalk' is going to be a new online magazine styled blog full of fashion, beauty & lifestyle posts.
There'll be lots of laughs and fun along the way, so are you ready to start a new adventure and explore 'LippieTalk' with me?


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