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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Toad Diaries Gifting & Review

As many of you know I attended the Blogger Tiki Party a few weeks ago where I was very kindly gifted a personalised notebook from a company called Toad Diaries.
(Which was very exciting indeed!)

I love, love, love personalised notebooks & diaries because they're personal to you. 
And I think it's great to have something that is completely unique to everyone else, so when I heard about Toad Diaries I was really interested to learn more about what they do. 

Toad Diaries customise & personalise notebooks and diaries so they can fit perfectly with you, they offer you the chance for to choose your start date, the duration, layout inside and most importantly the cover. 
Although this particular diary was gifted to me, all the notebooks and diaries are a very reasonable price considering it's been made specifically for you. 

I absolutely love my diary, I've never had anything personalised before so it's lovely to own something that resembles me in some way.

I chose the start date for my diary to be from August 2016 to August 2017 because I'm starting University in September. So I thought it would be useful to have somewhere I can organise my blogging schedule around Uni life. 
I also chose to have weekly 'To Do' lists because my life gets very hectic sometimes so it's nice to be able to clearly jot down what I need to do and by when.
Lists definitely make life A LOT more easy at times.

The cover for me was a very important part of the whole design process, I wanted something to resembles the Blogger Tiki Party because it was my first ever blogging event so it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

I saw this cocktail design on the website and I thought it couldn't be more perfect, I love the yellow background because it's really bold and bright which really resembles such a happy day plus it means it shouldn't get lost in my mess of a room.
Toad Diaries also allow you to add wording to both the front and back of the diary or notebook for no extra cost, I loved playing around with the wording, I chose "Gemma Rose, Keep dreaming, laughing & blogging" on the front & on the back I put "LippieTalk, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle" which really fitted with my blog.

I thought it was so cute that on the inside of the cover, it's got all these inspirational quotes to get you motivated for the day ahead.
Such a lovely touch!

When designing my diary on the Toad Diary website it couldn't have been made more simple, it was very clearly laid out so you could easily see what you were producing and what it should look like. 
Also before you submit your order it allows to double check everything is how you want it before you click buy which I think is great. 

I had never heard of Toad Diaries before but I'm so glad I have now, I think they're a fabulous company who deserve more recognition. The only problem I had when designing my diary was deciding which cover to go for because there was just so much choice, I could have picked about 5 different ones.

I would highly recommend you all check Toad Diaries out.
Trust me you will love them as much as I do. 
I can not wait to start using my diary from the beginning of August onwards.

I hope you all enjoyed this post & I'll see you all very soon.
Take Care 


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