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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pumpkins & Beauty Tricks and Treats!

Its almost that time of the year again....
Yes you guessed it, it's almost Halloween!!!

Now I'm gonna be honest I don't really like being scared and I hate horror movies but I do love 'Halloween'- it's one of my favourite holidays besides Christmas of course! I think the reason I love it so much is that it's so much fun to get all dressed up and made-up- I think Halloween is one of the only times of the year where you can really go all out there to be as wacky and creative as you want!
Also 'Halloween' does also mean 'Christmas' isn't too far away and since when is that a bad thing?
So I know I may just be getting a little bit ahead of myself here as Halloween is still another week away (boo!) but I thought I'd featured Halloween items and makeup ideas to get you more in the mood, so that by the 31st you will be all prepared!
Let the 'Spooktacular' begin- did you like the pun there?
Firstly 'Halloween' goodies but not the sweet kind!
Primark Earrings, £1
I think these 'Ghost earrings' are a really great purchase for 'Halloween' especially if you don't want to get all dressed up and 'go all out Halloween', as they are really fun and cute! (Can ghosts ever be cute?) If they only last this year then it doesn't matter because you only paid a £1 but if they do last then even better you can wear them next year too! I will definitely be sporting these on 'Halloween'- you never know the ghostly earring trend might catch on!
Primark T-shirt, £6
When I saw this in my local Primark store, I just knew I had to buy one! I just really love this! For me it literally sums up my Halloween in one T-shirt- Do any of you guys agree?
 I just think it's really fun, very Halloweeny (Is this even a word?) and again if you only wear it for one year then it doesn't matter because it's only £6. This isn't the only Halloween T-shirt Primark do- they have lots of different ones all with different things on the front (or even the back in some cases)
Quick Tip:
If you don't like Primark (One word, Why?) then other stores such as Boohoo and Asos also do great Halloween themed clothing too- I love this jumper on Asos:
The 'Ghosts' on the elbows are so adorable!
But if you didn't want to pay £22 for a jumper you might only wear one day a year then you could easily cut out 'Ghost' shapes from a piece on white fabric and sew it onto a jumper that you already own.
Here are the links for Asos and Boohoo- I'd recommend checking them out if your still on the lookout for your Halloween costume:
Now onto some ghostly, Halloween makeup: 
Lipsticks in the shades 107 (Kate Collection for Rimmel) and Mulberry (Sleek), prices around £4.99,
I love, love, love these two shades- if I'm completely honest I didn't actually buy these with Halloween in mind but they are both quite dark, gothic shades so why not?
The Rimmel one is more of a plum/ red sort of shade so perfect for dressing up as a vampire and the Sleek one is more of a darker, plum so it's great for a Witch's outfit.
I've added the links in also for these so you guys can go and check them out:
  The 'Cobweb and the Scar' Makeup technique:
Now I am most definitely not a makeup artist but I do love art and I would called myself quite creative so I was playing around with some tricks (which are very simple) that I thought you guys might like to try.
Note that I've done these on my hand but you can apply these anywhere on your body- arms, shoulder, face- Wherever you like! 
The Cobweb:
What I used:
- Black liquid eyeliner (I used one by Avon)
-White Kohl eyeliner
-Grey/black eyeshadow (by Bourjois)
(If any of you want to know the exact products then leave a comment asking what you'd like to know and I'll get back to you)
Firstly I began by drawing out the basis of the cobweb by drawing out 6 vertical lines that crossed over each other like a star using the black liquid eyeliner. Then I drew the lines that connected the 6 lines together horizontally also using the same liquid eyeliner. I followed this with the grey and black eyeshadow- I tried to apply it darker in the centre of the cobweb then made it lighter towards the outside. To finish off I used the white eyeliner to go over all my lines and to make the 'Cobweb' stand out a bit more.
 The Scar:
What I used:
-Black liquid eyeliner (same as before)
-White kohl eyeliner (again the same as before)
-Red Rimmel lipstick in the shade 107
Firstly I dragged the red lipstick across the place where I wanted my scar to be- don't be afraid to make this line a bit messy as scars aren't necessarily straight. Then I outlined the scar with the black liquid eyeliner and again I finished off with the white eyeliner as I tried to add more depth to the scar by adding the light and dark effect.
You can make these as big or as small as you want, just remember one thing- Have fun and be a bit creative! If you make a mistake then you can just try again.
There are also lots of Halloween makeup tips/ tutorials on YouTube so if these aren't your thing them check more out on there.
Finally Yankee Candles (How could I almost forget these?!?) 
Candy Corn, £1.99 each.
I only found these candles this year and I'm not going to lie, I've become a little bit obsessed!
This one is only produced for Halloween so it's not an all round thing but they smell delicious- it's at times like this I wish that you could add a scent to blog posts. If I could then 'Candy Corn' would be the scent I'd add to this one.
So good if you haven't checked them out already then you should! They do have a bigger jar of 'Candy Corn' but I only brought the little ones as I think these were enough for me to use over the Halloween period...
So that's the end of today's post- I hope it's got you all in the mood for Halloween!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on today's post in the comments below.
If you guys have any more good Halloween tips then feel free to share them below also.
I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!
 I love to know if this post was helpful to any of you at all...
 and I'll see you next Sunday for more!
Have a great week guys and remember 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN!'

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